Watermelon Car Air Freshener – Arra

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Watermelon Car Air Freshener

Watermelon Car Air Freshener


About the Product

  • Sweeten up your drive with the delightful aroma of cherries.
  • Keep your dashboard smelling fresh all day long with Arra car fresheners
  • A premium luxury car perfume designed and manufactured in Europe.
  • Suitable for people with sensitive smells since it is made with all-natural fibers.
  • Eco-friendly: Biodegradable fibers in a recyclable aluminum canister.
  • Spill Proof.
  • Shelf Life of 5 Years.

Currently available in 9 fragrances.



Give your car a fruity makeover with this Watermelon scent!
Our long-lasting fragrance will keep your car smelling fresh and inviting for weeks. Unlike other car fragrance products, our special formula contains no artificial colors or dyes, making it safe for your family. Enjoy a refreshing, fruity aroma in your car with our Watermelon Car Fragrance!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7.1 × 4.1 × 7.1 cm


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